There are so many websites that have everything we need to know and learn. Whether it is learning new recipes, taking courses, reading tutorials or doing something related to entertainment. So in this article im going to tell you about 50 most useful Websites.

Top 50 Useful Websites :

  1. : The largest search engine in the world.
  2. : Find info about pretty much anything. The Encyclopedia of almost everything.
  3. : Most famous and most used video streaming website used by millions all around the world.
  4. : World’s biggest online shopping site.
  5. : Learn any course online for free.
  6. : Biggest social networking site in the world.
  7. : Send direct messages to people around the world, even the famous celebrities!
  8. : Send a tweet with more than 140 characters.
  9. : Learn how everything works.
  10. : Know everything about a movie or TV series.
  11. : A business magazine publishing interesting articles.
  12. : Watch your favorite TV series and movies online for free.
  13. : Having trouble pronouncing a word?
  14. : All the information about English language.
  15. : Learn the meaning of street lingo because YOLO!
  16. : Cooking guide to learn the best recipes.
  17. : Learn about modern technologies of today and the future.
  18. : Edit photographs using different filters and with your friends and followers.
  19. : Translate any language to any other language.
  20. : Hotel reviews and sightseeing ideas.
  21. : Frequent blogs on how to make day-to-day stuff easy.
  22. : Everything on current news stories.
  23. : Humor yourself with the funniest memes.
  24. : Useful educational stuff to learn.
  25. : Get previous versions of almost all the software.
  26. : Write and send a note to someone which will get deleted by itself after they read.
  27. : Increase your reading speed.
  28. : Swap the book you have read with other readers to get the book you haven’t read yet.
  29. : The trending GIFs and all about them.
  30. : Has all the software that you want to download.
  31. : Learn different kinds of courses online for free.
  32. : Learn any coding language online for free.
  33. : Paint online and print it.
  34. : Download Unlimited Ebooks for free.
  35. : Free sessions to practice and increase your typing knowledge.
  36. : Get and give micro-jobs to people all around the world for as little as $5.
  37. : Free full-length movies from YouTube and other video-streaming websites.
  38. : Record videos of your desktop and post them straight to YouTube.
  39. : Copy special characters and emoticons that aren’t available on your keyboard.
  40. : Best answers to your questions given by smartest people around the world.
  41. : Coolest and most adorable name suggestions for your newborn.
  42. : Set up a small chatroom within seconds and have fun!
  43. : Can’t think of any domain name or name of your new business
  44. : Know all about Real Estate.
  45. : Know the reviews and ratings on your favorite or yet-to-read books.
  46. : Learn who is hosting a particular website.
  47. : Plagiarism check, word density check, and much more. Know the legitimacy of your content within a click.
  48. : Edit any PDF file online for free.
  49. : Transfer big size files for free.
  50. : Measure the performance of your site.
  51. : Send a fax for free.