The government of India has now launched Bharat QR Code payment method which will help you in instant, convenient, low-cost and secure transactions. This will make transactions easier and more convenient for all Bank customers and partners.

What is Bharat QR Code?

To boost the essence of Cashless society which is currently heading towards it’s peak, Government of India collaborated with various debit or credit card payment providers like RuPay, Visa and Mastercard to introduce a standard medium of payment known as Quick Response or in short Bharat QR Code Payment which by name depicts its working based completely on scanning of QR code for payment or any kind of transaction.

Benefits of Bharat QR Code :

  • You don’t have to worry any more about keeping cards for shopping.
  • You can pay just using your smartphone having Bharat QR code enabled Banking app.
  • You can link multiple cards to your app and choose them according to your need.
  • If you are a merchant then, You no longer need to invest in any hardware for accepting digital payments.
  • A board with QR code is all that it takes to start accepting payments.

How To Use Bharat QR Code?

  1. You need to link all of your Cards to your Bank’s app and select the appropriate card during the payment.
  2. For payment you need to scan merchant’s Bharat QR Code using inbuilt QR Code reader in the Bank’s app.
  3. The billed amount will then gets transferred from your account to the merchant’s account.

Where Can I use Bharat QR Code Payment Facility?

Bharat QR payment mode can be used at any location on-the-go, it could be outlets at railway stations, bus depots, petrol pumps, shops, grocery stores, vegetable markets, hospitals, dispensaries, etc. Moreover, you can use this mode to send or receive money from your friends, relatives or anyone who have Banking app with Bharat QR code support.