WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app. Millions of users use this app daily to chat with there loved ones. WhatsApp spends millions to protect WhatsApp users from hackers but.. but… but… i have found a small trick to hack WhatsApp.


Using this trick you can hack WhatsApp of any users & read there real time messages. Actually in this trick im using a feature that is given by WhatsApp. So read below process to know about WhatsApp hacking.

Pre Requirements :

  • 2 Android Phones [1st is yours & 2nd is victims]
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Working internet connection
  • Some working brain :mrgreen:

How To Hack?

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser on your phone.
  2. Now open New Incognito Tab
  3. Open Google Chrome Menu & Click Request Desktop Site
  4. Open URL web.whatsapp.com in Incognito Tab
  5. It will show you QR code
  6. Now take Victims Phone
  7. Open WhatsApp
  8. Now open WhatsApp Menu [3 dots at right upper corner]
  9. Click on WhatsApp Web
  10. It will ask you to scan QR code
  11. Now Scan QR Code which you have got in Step 4

That’s it. You have done now you can read victims real time messages. You can also send messages to victims contacts.