When Reliance Jio rolled out, it was available only on specific phones and people were getting good speed in the range of 10-20 Mbps. Now due to heavy load on servers, download & upload speed has reduced in some areas. So we are going to share a trick to increase Reliance Jio speed.

I have personally checked on my Xiaomi Mi4i phone & it works perfectly. So to increase Jio 4G speed you have to make new APN settings.

Pre Requirements :

  • Jio Sim must be in Slot 1
  • Network mode must be LTE or 4G
  • Must be good range in your area.

How To Get?

  1. First Open Phone Settings
  2. Goto Access Point Settings
  3. Click Add APN or Add New APN whatever showing on your phone
  4. Now make settings like below
      Name    Dealz Panel 
      APN    jionet 
    Proxy Not set
      Port    8080 
    Username Not set
    Password Not set
      Server    w ww.wfjio5%.4g.com [Without Any Space] 
    MMSC Not set
    MMS Proxy Not set
    MMS Port Not set
    MCC 405
    MNC 867
      Authentication    PAP 
    APN Type default
    APN Protocol IPv4/IPv6
    APN Roaming Protocol IPv4/IPv6
      Bearer    LTE 
    MVNO Type none
  5. Save settings & Activate

  6. Now check your speed

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