Now Amazon has joined hands with Nestle. They have come with the all new Amazon Kitkat Offer. They are offering Rs 20 Gift Voucher with Rs 20 KitKat pack and Rs 25 Gift Voucher with Rs 25 Kitkat pack.


How To Get ?

  1. Visit your nearby stores and look new KitKat chocolates
  2. Purchase a KitKat pack worth of Rs 20 or Rs 25 (Buy the pack with promotion mentioned only).
  3. You will see Amazon Gift Voucher offer details on the pack.
  4. You will find a scratch able card with a 17 characters gift voucher code.
  5. Scratch the card and get the exclusive Amazon Gift Voucher code.

The gift card balance is not transferable to another user. It also can not be transferred into a bank. You can use the Amazon account balance to purchase your favorite items from Amazon India online shopping store.

How To Redeem ?

Amazon Gift Card worth Rs 20 or Rs 25 will be added in no time to your amazon account. You can use this amount to purchase anything on Amazon India store.

Terms and Conditions :

  • An Amazon user can do redeem 3 times during the offer period.
  • Offer Valid Till 30th December, 2016
  • The gift vouchers validity is for one year only.
  • You can use the amount got from the offer for purchasing products from Amazon