Dormi is a Baby Monitor android app. You can use your useless phone to monitor your baby. It needs two Android devices a child device and a parent device. These devices connect using any available connection – WiFi, mobile data, WiFi-Direct or hotspot. Have a look at steps.

[ Important ] Try at your own risk. I will not responsible for any damage.

How To Get ?

  1. Download Dormi App on both phones
  2. Turn on hotspot on Parent Device
  3. Connect Child Device to hotspot
  4. Open App on both phones
  5. Click Accept & Continue
  6. From Parent Device open Menu & Select Parent Device


  1. Now click on arrow


  1. It will show Child Device
  2. Click on it
  3. From Child Device Accept Connection
  4. Now swap left to right from both devices


  1. Now place Child Device near baby which you want to monitor.

In this app there are many features. So use this app & explore.

Thanks for Reading.